Calkins Creamery
Address: 288 Calkins Rd Honesdale, PA, 18431
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Phone: 570-729-8103
About Us
The Bryants are farmers, rooted in Wayne County, Pennsylvania, for more than 125 years. Since Burton and Elizabeth Bryant first cultivated the glacial till of Highland Farm in the 1880s, five generations have been sustained by this land. It is this sense of place that drew Emily Bryant and her husband, Jay Montgomery, back to Wayne County, with an idea to use farm fresh milk to produce artisan cheeses. Calkins Creamery specializes in fine, artisan cheeses, using only the freshest milk possible from our very own herd of registered Holstein cattle.
200 girls call Highland Farm home. Our girls spend time both in and outdoors. They are milked twice daily and spend most of winter in the barn. Warmer months mean lots & lots of grazing on the farm's beautiful acreage.