Simply Ghee
Contact: Nancy + Bev
Address: 512 N Duke Street Lancaster, PA, 17602
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Phone: 717-587-6841
About Us
We started using ghee in 2013 to better our health. And let us tell you, it did. To spread the ghee and the love, we started creating it in our homes, and bringing it to friends, fairs and festivals. When jar after jar and case after case was gobbled up we knew we were onto something. So we got a bigger kitchen, learned how to hoist 55 pound blocks of butter into giant pots and Simply Ghee was born.

Many people ask us, what is ghee? In the simplest terms: It’s a healthy butter – but better. Ghee is a type of butter that is heated and reduced until all milk solids separate. Then those dairy and lactose solids are filtered out – and you are left with a healthy PURE fat – ghee.
Bev and Nancy make everything from local organic- they don’t use plastic, artificial ingredients or large steam pots to create mass quantities quickly. They may not be the cheapest ghee on the block, but they are the best.

Taste the difference for yourself.